The lightweight extensible IRC client

Fast, small, and flexible.

Ecossaise is a small, fast, and flexible IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for Windows. It supports simultaneous chat on multiple channels and servers, as well as private chat, DCC chat, file transfers, a browseable history, logging, customizable command aliasing and response handling, automatic updating, and more. There is no learning curve - just enter an IRC server (or use the default) and the nickname you want to be known by and start chatting!

Plugs into your favorite applications.

Ecossaise is designed to run as a standalone executable or to plug into the Finale notation editor. Support as a plugin for additional applications is planned in the future.

Limited only by imagination.

Ecossaise may itself be infinitely expanded with new features through extensions. We provide a software development kit to developers free of charge so that they may develop their own extensions to Ecossaise.

Chat that goes with you.

Ecossaise was designed for portability, weighing in at less than a megabyte in size. This is small enough to put on a floppy disk or flash drive and carry around with you - and since no installer is necessary to run Ecossaise, you can immediately start chatting on the new machine, without even needing to copy the program to the hard drive!